Summary of G8 Meeting Tuesday 21st May

Last night FDC hosted an information evening on the G8 arrangements. Please see BBC NI link below in relation to a report of the meeting.

A couple of points to mention.


The A46 road will be closed from Magheradunbar to Blaney Caravan Park from 1/6/13 to 26/6/13. This is to facilitate the erection of a security barrier between Magheradunbar and Carrickreagh car park. The Lough Erne Resort, Castlehume Golf Club will be open to the public however over the duration of the summit there will be further security restrictions within this area.
The community is asked to add 30 minutes extra onto their travel time.
Although diversions will be in place at Belleek, Church Hill and Blaney, there will be increased levels of traffic through Derrygonnelly – so please take care when driving/walking.


There is an organised protest on the Sunday before the G8 from Enniskillen to Magheradunbar. We were reassured that the majority of protestors are peaceful and are protesting for very legitimate aims such as peace and poverty. The PSNI reassured the meeting that they need to plan for all eventualities in the event of trouble. The experience of the last G8 in Gleneagles indicated that the media overplayed the trouble caused by protestors.


Normal services will be maintained at SWAH, however there will be no out patient services and non emergency procedures on the 17th and 18th June.
We were reassured that there will be sufficient resources available over this period to respond to any emergencies ie ambulances. There will be a fire service response on the Derrygonnelly side of the summit during this period.


WELB representative said that parents of children sitting exams over this period will be communicated with very shortly to outline the transport arrangements. Again, this will mean leaving half an hour early to get into school. Post primary schools will be open half an hour early to facilitate pupils arriving early. There will be additional transport services over the 17th and 18th to assist pupils get to school. Again, these plans will be communicated to parents very shortly.


We used the opportunity to raise the issue of poor mobile coverage in Derrygonnelly and slow broadband to the rural community. There was concern that there would be a mobile shutdown over this period however we were assured that although this facility is available in the event of an emergency, it was not anticipated that this would not be used.
You can follow the G8 event on Twitter and Facebook and website on #G8UK,


This is only a brief note of some of the things that were discussed. All we can say is to leave plenty of time for your journey, and exercise care on the roads. We don’t want any accidents.

Thanks to the Derrygonnelly Community Centre Committee for making the hall available at such short notice and for providing refreshments.

If you have any comments to make, please let us know and we can feed these to the relevant agency.

G8 restrictions ‘to be kept small’

Just 10% of Lower Lough Erne will be affected by restrictions put in place during the G8 summit, an audience in County Fermanagh has been told.