Focus Group/Public Meeting 12th January @ 7.30pm

We are hosting a focus group meeting to explore the possibility of enhancing and developing facilities and opportunities within the local community. Some of the themes that we would like to consider are: –

1. The environment.
2. Tourism opportunities.
3. Child care and elderly facilities.
4. Technology and business support.
5. Events program.
6. Renewable energy.
7. Health and Well Being.
8. Exploring options to stem immigration of our younger people by offering suitable job creation / business developments locally.

It is clear that the partnership want to make a positive difference in our community and to provide some sustainable opportunities. Our preliminary discussions have identified the need for a coffee shop / restaurant which could be a focal point for people to meet, and be a community information point. This could become a reality if we could attract visitors and tourists into our area through the development of forest walks, fishing stands on the Sillees, canoeing and mountain biking.

We are very keen to work with existing businesses in our area so that we complement and support their activities.

This study will be conducted by Dr. Jenny Sproule and her team at South West College. We met with Jenny and her colleague Celine McCartan, at our recent partnership meeting to discuss their approach and methodology. Jenny will be meeting with representatives from a number of key statutory bodies and she will facilitate a focus group meeting of the local Derrygonnelly community.

This is an open meeting for the community scheduled for:

Monday 12th January at 7.30pm in Derrygonnelly Methodist Church.

This is also a very important meeting for you to attend as we need to have all businesses, groups, organisations and residents represented. We also welcome your views and comments, as we are talking about your future.

It is expected that the study report will be completed by the end of March and will form the basis for future funding applications. Although I do not know the outcome of this report I do believe that this study can provide new and exciting opportunities for the future.

Michael Skuce – DDCP Chairman