Monday’s Focus Group well attended

Yesterday afternoon, South West College facilitated a meeting with a wide range of public service bodies in the Clinton Centre where they made an active and useful contribution in our feasibility report. We were delighted with the interest shown by the various agencies such as DSD, FDC, Waterways Ireland, Marble Arch Geo Park, Forestry Services to name but a few.

In the evening, they facilitated a community focus group which was very well attended. We had a very useful discussion about the opportunities that are present within the Derrygonnelly and surrounding area. It is clear that we need to look at the opportunities that present themselves through new businesses and information technologies. We also have a fantastic natural environment which presents opportunities to activity-type businesses.

One thing that came out loud and clear last night was the inhibiting mobile coverage for the area as this clearly has an impact in attracting any new businesses or indeed anyone wishing to live in the area. This is something that will feature prominently in our report and needs to be addressed.

There is still further work to be done in terms of research and additional meetings, and we hope to have a draft report towards the end of February. We will keep you posted of developments and will let you know the outcome of this report.