Connection Voucher Scheme to be rolled out in Fermanagh and Omagh


A Connection Voucher Scheme for small to medium sized businesses and enterprises which has had great success in Belfast is to be rolled out in Fermanagh & Omagh.

First Stop Shop says:

“The Connection Voucher Scheme will allow small to medium sized enterprise (SMEs) and social enterprises within the new Fermanagh and Omagh district area to apply for grants of up to £3,000 to obtain high-speed broadband connections.

The overall aim of the proposed scheme is to stimulate economic growth in our district by not only helping existing organisations overcome the cost of installing high speed broadband, but also by improving the overall fibre infrastructure in the area making it a more desirable location to invest.

A similar scheme has been in operation in Belfast since December 2013 with over £1.5 million in grants given to almost 800 organisations. From the information provided by applicants, it has been estimated that each voucher will contribute 3 jobs and £133,000 in turnover for each business over 3 years.”

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First Stop Shop – Connection Voucher Scheme