SuperConnected logoFermanagh and Omagh District Council are pleased to announce that the Connection Vouchers Scheme is now open for applications across the district.

A Connection Voucher is a grant of up to £3,000 for small or medium sized businesses to upgrade to a faster, more reliable internet connection.  More than a thousand businesses in Northern Ireland have already received their voucher and reaping the rewards.

The grant pays for the installation costs, that is the capital and equipment costs, of upgrading your broadband connection. You pay any VAT charged and the monthly line rental to your service provider.  Over one third of SMEs who have received our connection voucher are paying only £40 pm line rental.

I have been in touch with Blue Box who are one of the providers of wireless broadband and they are offering three categories of broadband for SMEs:

1.  50Mb download and 30Mb upload @ £30 per month

2.  70Mb download and 50Mb upload @ £40 per month

3.  90Mb download and 70 Mb upload @ £50 per month

Small businesses can include guest houses, joinery businesses, builders firms etc but specifically excludes farmers.  Although your main business may be in an area which has good broadband coverage you may still be eligible to include your home address if this assists your business i.e. more efficient administration.  There are quite a few businesses outside of Derrygonnelly who may be able to benefit from this scheme and the more who join it, then the higher the likelihood of a provider investing in the infrastructure to make it worthwhile.

Click on the links below for an application form and also for an information pack from Blue Box who are one of the providers for the scheme.  In relation to questions 11 – 25, I can assist those who wish to make an application using Blue Box.

There are also other providers, such as BT, who can provide the service and can be used instead of Blue Box so feel free to speak to other service providers.

If there is sufficient interest I would be keen to host an information evening where interested businesses could meet with Blue Box to answer any questions.

It should be stressed that DDCP or any of its members do not have any personal interest in this scheme other than to highlight it as a solution to an identified problem that has been raised at partnership meetings over a number of years and which also features in our village plan as an action.

If you wish to speak to me I can be contacted by email or phone or you can hit the Facebook icon below and leave a message for me.





Michael Skuce






Blue Box Broadband Information Pack

Blue Box Broadband Information Pack

Connection Voucher Scheme Application Form

Connection Voucher Scheme Application Form







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