Derrygonnelly & District Community Partnership

Excerpt from the DDCP Constitution:

“The Derrygonnelly & District Community Partnership was established to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Derrygonnelly and the surrounding area. The Partnership will bring together groups, individuals and business owners from Derrygonnelly and the surrounding area to develop and implement community development strategies with the object of improving the quality of life of the people in the area. By associating the organisations, inhabitants and statutory authorities, in a common effort, the Partnership will promote environmental issues, education, training, advice and information between groups and individuals within the local community, and will further seek to identify the needs of the community and will respond with positive action to address these needs.”

Since it was established in 2011, the Partnership has met regularly to work for the benefit of the community and has been the driving force for a number of initiatives ranging from re-tarmacking the main street, obtaining funding for a Multi Games Area (MUGA) behind St Patrick’s Primary School, to arranging the villages’ first Christmas Fair in the Community Centre in December 2012. The Partnership also arranged fundraising events for the new Christmas Lights in the main street of Derrygonnelly.

Current projects the Partnership is or has been participating in:

  • Re-tarmacking the main street of Derrygonnelly
  • MUGA pitch behind St Patrick’s Primary School
  • Community Garden / Allotment by the Field Studies Centre
  • Derrygonnelly Summer Fairs in 2013 and 2014 in the Main Street of Derrygonnelly
  • Improvement of the Commons area, Derrygonnelly
  • Various fundraising events for summer and Christmas community events
  • Switching on the Christmas Lights events December 2012, 2013 and 2014, followed by a Christmas Fair for the community in the Community Centre

In 2011 Fermanagh District Council, through Rural Development Programme funding, assisted DDCP in developing a Village Plan, which identified a number of needs within the community. The overall aim of the Programme was focused on “improving the economic, social and environmental conditions in rural areas throughout Northern Ireland.” One of the outcomes of the development of Derrygonnelly’s Village Plan was the formation of DDCP, which is fully representative of all groups and organisations in the area. The Village Plan identified a number of areas that needed to be addressed and this led to the partnership hosting a community planning workshop in April 2013 which examined the strategic direction of the community in terms of developing its potential to enhance social and economic wellbeing of the community, as well as to support animation and capacity building. This workshop identified the need to enhance and develop facilities within the local community that would attract tourism, inward investment and funding opportunities, for example, the development of Sillees River for canoeing and river walks, fishing stands, forest walks and mountain biking.

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